$70.00/person- one person
$65.00/person- two people
$60.00/person- three people
$60.00/person- four people
$60.00/person- five people
Learn the basics of getting on and off your board and proper paddling and maneuvering techniques in this one-hour introductory lesson.We start with a land lesson of about 10 minutes that will include SUP warm up, proper water safety and SUP etiquette.

We'll then take you into the ocean and you'll go from your belly or knees to your feet and learn the proper standing technique and paddling technique.You'll learn to paddle the board through small waves and how to properly turn the board.
Regardless of your paddling position, you will get to experience the amazing beauty of the Laguna Beach coastline from the sea.

Laguna Beach location: Divers Cove and Fishermans Cove, Laguna Beach,CA

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